Bulgarian book market became richer with not just a book during the last year. Gennady Zaitsev who is a former commander of The Alpha Squad presented his book Spetsnaz Alpha – My Destiny. It is published and distributed in cooperation with New Media Group publishing house and Mr Svetlio Kantardjiev. The presentation of the book took place in the Central Military Club in Sofia.
The event was market with a lavish cocktail party, attendance of Bulgarian and Russian ministries, diplomats, veterans of special services, commissioners of CDCOC, SANS and other organizations.
After the presentation Major General Gennady Zaitsev signed autographs to a whole queue of excited people. He is a real legend, surviving throughout numerous operations. Nowadays, people admire him.
In conclusion, buying the book will approach you to the road to heroism of The Alpha Squad.
The 550 pages are written in autobiographical manner, representing stories, memories and real facts associated with the Team Alpha. The reader can find a picturesque collection of photos. The style is accessible because of the porofessional translation.
So, if you look for something new but gold, interesting and breath-taking, the book is an excellent choice. It is impossible to stay indifferent, touching the world of the special squad.