I have a pleasure to know Mr. Svetlyo Kantardzhiev from the Bulgarian Union Collectors who is a very intelligent, interesting and purposeful man. In his view, collecting as a hobby makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives. There are certain reasons to support that claim.

First of all, it is a life-long pleasure. In other words, people can collect as long as they want and very often it doesn`t depend on money or financial sources. Just you, your time and your hobby 🙂


In addition, researchers noticed that such kind of activities have reduced stress and negative feelings – for example, collectors are less likely to suffer from depression.

One more advantage, talking about collecting, is that it can make you famous or richer. Yes, why not? 🙂 The best part comes here: many people have made a flourished career, following the entrepreneurial spirit and collecting passion.

In conclusion, collecting gives you something to share with others – it is a sociable way to enrich the world with your possessions and interests. Last but not least, it`s the perfect means to discover and re-discover your talents.